New RCSA Exclusive bottles on the market

At Ramon Clemente, we specialise in the production of glass bottles for the perfumery, cosmetic, and gourmet food industries, among others, for national and international well-known companies.

We offer our customers a 360º solution that includes all stages of production, from the manufacture of the containers to the decoration of the glass and the finishes.

Here we present you with 2 new products we have developed and that are already on the market. In both cases, these are Exclusive designs for perfume bottles.

Let us tell you more about them: 

1/ Exclusive glass bottles for LA MARTINA (Italy)

The brand La Martina was created in 1982 in Buenos Aires when Lando Simonetti conceived a brand dedicated to polo in many different forms ranging from technical sportswear to casual luxury leisurewear.

In 1992, the brand started to grow in the United Kingdom. Then, in 1998, it continued its expansion to the whole of Europe.

La Martina is the official supplier of the Argentine national polo team, of more than 85 polo clubs, schools and universities like Eton, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and primarily, of the Guards Polo Club and the English national polo team.

Ramon Clemente has taken part in creating an Exclusive bottle with a cutting-edge design for the new launch of the brand’s perfume in Italy, for both the 80- and 40-ml presentations.

The project was commissioned by Venice Olfactory and executed jointly by our factory in El Masnou – where the glass was produced –, Walter Friedrich (La Llagosta) – where it was painted –, and Walter Dec, (L´Hospitalet) – where it was decorated.

2/ Perfume bottle for Spagnolo

Just like Ramon Clemente, Spagnolo’s story is that of a family business (in this case, in the textile industry) that dates back to 1933 and already spans 4 generations. It is a brand that is constantly evolving.

Below is SPAGNOLO’s new fragrance design, a 75-ml glass bottle created and decorated by our company.

Decoration of Exclusive glass bottles

At our Walter Friedrich facilities, we paint and metallise glass containers for the perfumery and cosmetic industries, and jewellery items, among others. We paint over 50,000 glass bottles every day using top-quality materials, water-based varnishes and eco-friendly paint.

We offer our customers the full product, including painting, decoration, screen printing, hot stamping, vitrification, labelling, and ultraviolet and organic inks. This way, they can enjoy truly unique products.

If you are curious to learn more about our Walter Friedrich factory, you are more than welcome to visit its website.

Would you like to know more about our Exclusive products?

Manufacturing Exclusive bottles is our identity.

In addition to these two projects, Ramon Clemente has worked with leading brands from the fashion, cosmetics and perfumery industries.

Glass is a noble material with character. At Ramon Clemente, we are industrialists, and we have the experience and technology to overcome any challenges.


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