Information for Suppliers

Regarding the adaptation of the Integrated Management System of RAMÓN CLEMENTE, S.A. to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, we inform you of our Company’s current terms associated with the process of Purchasing from external suppliers.

1) In purchase orders, RAMÓN CLEMENTE, S.A. shall indicate all the necessary requirements for the requested process, product or service.

2) Processes, products or services provided by external suppliers will be subjected to documentation and quantitative verification for their initial control.

3) Following this, every provided process, product or service – whether the entire batch or a sample – shall undergo a qualitative control following the criteria of the person in charge of verification. The control plan implemented is based on checking the correct identification, quantity, appearance/condition and compliance of the characteristics indicated in the documentation provided by the external provider. All of the latter are the applicable acceptance criteria.

4) Once the qualitative check has been passed successfully, the verified product or material will carry on to the warehouse or continue to the production process.

5) The external supplier must have the necessary quality controls in place to ensure compliance with the requirements and parameters indicated in the purchase orders and the related documents. Otherwise, the external supplier must notify RAMÓN CLEMENTE, S.A.

6) The external supplier will be the only person liable to RAMÓN CLEMENTE, S.A. for the supplied products’ quality, within the supply limits, even if subcontracted staff is involved in the production process.

7) The Non-Conforming product (or non-conformity), if any, will be treated as indicated in the ‘Quality control, non-conformities and customer complaints’ procedure currently in force at RAMÓN CLEMENTE, S.A. The external supplier will be notified in a timely manner.

8) The monitoring and re-evaluation process for external suppliers applied by RAMÓN CLEMENTE, S.A. will consider the suppliers’ level of compliance with the requirements indicated in the purchase orders, the non‑conformities detected upon reception and in manufacturing, and the customer complaints received attributable to the process, product or service supplied. The Company will inform of any results that alter the established relationship conditions.

9) If specific skills of the external supplier’s staff are needed to carry out the requested supply, these will be indicated in the purchase order.

10) RAMÓN CLEMENTE, S.A. authorises the external supplier to verify the authenticity of any possible defects detected in the products it has supplied.

11) If verification or validation tasks are carried out at the external supplier’s facilities, RAMÓN CLEMENTE, S.A. will inform the supplier of this matter, requesting that they be carried out in advance.

12) This information does not alter the general purchase conditions under which orders for processes, products or services are placed and is considered a complement to those conditions.

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